We started our cbd Company back in 2012. We have seen and endured the neverending changes and have maintained the newest and latest technologies surrounding the industry. Our founder Jack Young saw the endless possibilities back in 2012, he knew that there was a definite market for cbd and the cbd.com/glossary/cannabinoids/" data-gt-translate-attributes='[{"attribute":"data-cmtooltip", "format":"html"}]'>cannabinoids that accompanied the cbd.com/glossary/hemp/" data-gt-translate-attributes='[{"attribute":"data-cmtooltip", "format":"html"}]'>Hemp plant. Jack stayed on his course attending many seminars in the USA and abroad. Almost instantly he realized a real need for CBD as a viable medicine.

Back in 2015, the company came to a crossroads in determining what CBD was the best avenue to pursue regarding Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD. On one hand, Isolate seemed the way to go, after all, it was being touted as 100% pure CBD. On the other hand Full Spectrum, CBD was using CBD along with the whole plant and all the known Cannabinoids associated with the plant. After many studies, it was well documented that Full Spectrum CBD was and is the far superior product when it comes to the therapeutic properties that Full Spectrum CBD has to offer. In fact, we won’t and don’t sell any Isolate CBD products. Isolate CBD products simply are not nearly as effective in treating many conditions.

We have managed to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to staying abreast of all the 140 plus known cannabinoids related to the Hemp plant. We have stayed in the loop as far as creating new products as documentation has become available to us and our colleagues. For instance, two very new cannabinoids that have come to surface are CBN and CBG. CBN has been very beneficial in promoting sleep for those that are having a hard time achieving that very important part of life’s little comforts. 


We have created several products that we have infused with the cannabinoid CBN. CBG is another new cannabinoid that is
found within the Hemp plant. Many say that CBG is vital in maintaining a balance in our immune system, again we have been proactive in creating products that maintain high amounts of CBG.

Our main objective has always been to bring the newest and most effective products from our farm to your homes. We are a 100% vertically integrated company which means that from the time we start growing our plants, to harvest, then processing of the oil and finally bottling and packaging. Our family and relatives personally oversee all aspects and phases of our production from seed to shelf.


We are a true seed-to-shelf company. When you purchase from us, you’re not allowing a middleman to increase prices, also we oversee all aspects of the products that we produce. When you purchase from other companies they are simply purchasing their goods from someone else that have no idea as to what they have purchased, and now are selling them to you.

We have been around since 2012, check our domain name with “whois” and it will state that. We have seen companies come and go in this industry, we are here to stay, and we will continue to bring the latest and best products to you because we have made that our mission from the very beginning.

We use the highest quality CBD Oil, we know this to be true because we actually produce our own CBD Oil that we use in our own products.

We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We publish phone numbers all over our website so we can be easily contacted. We want to hear from you in the event that something isn’t right with any of our products. If we don’t have communication with our end users we can’t fix anything that may be wrong.

We offer a contact form for anyone that is interested in learning about upcoming sales and new products that are on the horizon. We want our customers to be informed. Knowledge is power.

We don’t believe in gimmicks for example we aren’t going to infuse a tincture or gummy etc…with melatonin or say turmeric or any other supplement for that matter. We are simply going to tell you to go to the drug store and purchase those types of supplements at one-third the price and take them separately. That seems ridiculous to us to have us put it into our products when you can go to any drug store get it yourself and not pay us. There are many more examples of companies that are into gimmicks, we have stayed away from all those things and maintain ourselves as a no-nonsense company.

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